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Equal parts dandy and disaster, Jackson C. Garton is a writer and LGBTQ activist hailing from the hills of Appalachia. He currently resides in Central Kentucky with his husband, child, and four cats. When Jackson isn't reading or writing, you can find him examining people's natal charts, researching queer history, planning his next ghost hunt, or milling about the supernatural section of his local bookstore.


POWERLESS: AEOS BOOK 1 - a book review

[CW: homophobia, sexuality, sex, violence, religion, spoi] For the past month or so, I’ve been promising indie authors I would review...

Cuts You Up

This morning, I rolled out of bed ten minutes later than I usually do, made my usual cup of coffee and scrambled some eggs, then sat down...

Appalachia comin' atcha!

This past weekend I contacted Kentucky Geek Girl, a local blogger and social activist located in Central Kentucky, to discuss the...

The Importance of Media Representation

Last night, much of the world watched the Oscars in great anticipation, as performers were nominated for awards in costume design,...

Things are finally moving!

Greetings reader! My manuscript for a book I wrote The Mover is currently on the editorial chopping block, & I am looking forward to...


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