• Jackson C Garton

Avalon's Last Knight, now available through Pride Publishing

Lancelot has loved Arthur for nearly a thousand years but has never had the courage to act on it—‘til now.

After being away at college for a year, Lance returns to Avalon, Kentucky for the summer. He hasn't seen any of his friends in months, but all that changes when Arthur—the one person he can't have, but desperately needs—offers him a ride home from work.

The last time Lance saw Arthur, the two had not parted on the best of terms—with Arthur's father finding them asleep on his bed, and physically wrenching Lance away from Arthur. The incident put a strain on their friendship, and convinced Lance that they will never be together.

For the past five years, Lance has fought his attraction to Arthur, because as a budding brujo, he believes in magick, destiny, and fate—that everything happens for a reason—that nothing good will come of an Arthur Pendragon-Lance A. Lotte pairing.

Then one evening Arthur sends Lance a text, telling him that he's in love with him, forcing Lance to question everything. Secure your copy today!

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